Data HK and the New Data Protection Law

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Google announced in May that they would suspend handling government requests for user data in Hong Kong while they reviewed a new law, alleging it to violate freedom of expression and reputation as an open and innovative economy. Google noted they wouldn’t need to comply with requests that do not fall under treaty-covered categories such as terrorism, national security issues or public policy issues; rather they’d only comply with non-content data requests that could be obtained via servers outside Hong Kong.

Other US tech firms – Apple, Facebook and Microsoft – also halted processing data requests from Hong Kong government agencies while reviewing the new law. Prior to its enactment they had responded to hundreds of Hong Kong government inquiries requesting data.

Hong Kong’s new data protection law features several significant modifications, such as expanding the powers of its privacy watchdog to request user information and increasing fines in case of breaches. Furthermore, this legislation establishes data subject rights and specific obligations on data controllers while also governing collection, processing, holding and use through six data protection principles.

To meet these goals, it is imperative that organizations establish an effective data governance program. This requires creating a vision and business case aligned with your organization’s data goals. A successful governance program brings together all necessary people, processes, and technologies needed to efficiently support and steward data. An excellent approach for organizing such teams is the responsibility assignment matrix (RACI). This ensures all stakeholders participate in decision making while understanding their individual responsibilities.