Singapore Pools Benefits From Oracle Cloud Observability and Management

Singapore Pools was established in 1968 to offer legal and reliable gaming to people across Singapore. Unlike illegal gambling syndicates, any surplus is channelled back into the community for charitable use. Furthermore, concrete steps are taken to minimise addictive gambling while protecting minors as well as rigorous measures taken to safeguard its lottery draws’ integrity.

Singapore Pools’ mission has always been to offer safe, trusted environments for people to play the games they love in an environment they can rely on, while keeping up with modern gaming trends and technologies. To improve its IT performance and mitigate risks, Singapore Pools turned to Oracle Cloud Observability and Management (OCI). OCI helped automate manual processes, increase transparency, and enhance service delivery performance.

OCI gives Singapore Pools visibility over their IT environment and actionable insights to respond faster to incidents and issues. Its self-service capabilities enable them to quickly identify complex problems and resolve them efficiently with limited IT resources; ultimately enabling them to provide high quality betting services at high speeds to customers.

Singapore Pools’ use of OCI has allowed them to serve more customers and expand their market share, while simultaneously decreasing response times to system outages and performance degradation issues – helping maintain high service levels, customer satisfaction levels and meeting compliance requirements while meeting compliance requirements.

OCI solution has enabled them to provide a consistent user experience across channels and devices, leading to greater operational efficiencies and cost reductions.

OCI also allows businesses to better manage and support new initiatives by helping them manage their IT infrastructure more efficiently and onboard new technologies quickly for implementation into existing systems, helping them scale without disruption and satisfy customers’ expectations while improving operations.

Singapore Pools worked with Collective Campus to enhance their business. Employees participated in training courses designed to teach them how to come up with innovative solutions, including one-day tech crash courses on ideation methods and innovation theory. This enabled Singapore Pools employees to generate more creative solutions, improving products and services throughout.

Registering with Singapore Pools can be done through either the website or MyInfo app, with registration requiring only your ID number and password. After being approved, accessing and betting on games becomes much simpler – even while traveling overseas if gambling is legal; but please be aware this only works if you reside within Singapore itself or hold a valid Permanent Resident Pass – plus must be aged at least 21.