The SGP Prize

The Singapore Government Prize for Science and Technology is awarded annually to individuals who have made significant contributions in science and technology fields. Winners of this prize are chosen by an unbiased panel of judges on the basis of contributions and achievements made. It was first awarded in 2000; Dr Liu Hui from Singapore won it last time, receiving it in 2008. Funded by Singapore government, this prize currently has an approximate worth of over $1 Million USD.

In order to qualify for the SGP Prize, applicants must fulfill certain criteria, including possessing an innovative idea that they have implemented successfully; possessing a track record of accomplishment in their field; demonstrating innovation to improve public lives; and being willing to innovate for public benefit. It provides scientists in training an ideal chance to showcase their work and get recognized.

The SGP Prize is awarded annually by the Temasek Foundation as a reward for scientific innovation that benefits society and quality of life in Singapore. Established in 1996, this prestigious scientific prize stands out among global peers as an exceptional award that provides funding opportunities for scientific research within Singapore.

So far, this prize has attracted some of the best researchers from around the world to Singapore and helped raise awareness about various environmental issues within its borders. Furthermore, it has stimulated innovation within sectors of economy including medicine, telecom and environmental studies.

This year’s prize of one million US$ will be given to a team of scientists that has developed the most innovative environmental solution. Last year’s Earthshot prize went to two winners who developed an inexpensive carbon dioxide removal system and offered cleaner stoves to women in Kenya. Moving forward, SGP prize will continue to promote science and technology careers within society; benefiting not only local economies, but the global community as a whole.