Top 5 Hong Kong Pools to Cool Down In This Summer

No matter your swimming ability or goals, taking a dip in one of these Hong Kong pools is a wonderful way to start off each day and reduce stress. Plus, swimming provides many health benefits, including increased energy and metabolism.

Hong Kong beaches may offer great beach tan opportunities, but when temperatures soar in Hong Kong it can be refreshing to head for the pool for some serious cooling off. There are 44 public pools throughout Hong Kong offering just that option – plus many also include kiddie pools and other fun family activities for an ideal family day out!

With so many choices available to us, choosing where to relax may be difficult. That’s why we have put together our list of the top Hong Kong pools where you can cool off this summer!

Kowloon Park Swimming Pool

As its name implies, this facility located within Kowloon Park features an indoor complex featuring 50m and 25m training pools as well as an Olympic-sized diving pool – complete with changing rooms, spectator seating areas and even its own cafe!

Lifeguards provide round-the-clock coverage at this facility that operates between 6am and 9pm daily, charging admission for adults during weekdays at HK$17 while weekends and public holidays cost HK$19; children aged three years or under receive free access.

Are you in search of a relaxing and scenic pool experience? Look no further. Portier Partner Hyatt Centric’s pool with its sparkling blue tiles reflecting sunlight makes this location truly mesmerizing. Surrounded by trees and Victoria Harbour as its backdrop, this picturesque setting makes the ideal setting to take Instagram-worthy photographs.

Rosewood Hong Kong stands out as a rooftop pool with one of Hong Kong’s finest views! Relax around its stunning infinity pool while taking in breathtaking views of this bustling city below you. Unfortunately, however, this hotel only allows its guests to access it via Klook, so book now on Klook to experience this beauty for yourself!