What Is Data SGP?

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Student growth percentiles provide a way to measure how much progress has been made since an assessment is administered based on comparable scores from peers with similar profiles. They range between 1-99 with 85 as the midpoint. Growth percentiles offer an accurate representation of performance, providing an estimate as to the degree of improvement across academic peers.

Calculating a student growth percentile requires using a statistical technique known as quantile regression, which compares their assessment score in one year to that in another year. A student’s “academic peers” refer to all other students in his or her grade and assessment subject who have experienced similar trends with assessment score improvements; their growth percentile indicates how much progress they have made when measured against these academic peers.

The Student Growth Profile score provides a snapshot of student scores on state assessments given during the school year, such as high-stakes tests. It includes all results of assessments given within their grade level and subject, state testing results, district test results and school report card data; but does not take into account local assessments, classroom test results or teacher-created exams.

SGP scores provide an indication of how students have performed on all state assessments throughout their academic careers; it does not, however, include results of assessments administered outside of a school or district setting.

The SGP report provides comprehensive details regarding a student’s educational history. This information includes any experiences that have had an effect on his or her development in terms of social, emotional and physical growth. Families can utilize the report as an invaluable resource when making educational decisions for their child, providing insight into both his or her strengths and any areas for improvement. Families may benefit from using this information to draw links between various academic and nonacademic aspects of their child’s life, leading them to more productive conversations about how the family can support his or her learning. Teachers and parents can benefit from having this information to work collaboratively toward helping their child realize his or her full potential. Furthermore, it helps parents understand how their child’s progress relates to state standards and expectations. SGP reports are available on the Department of Education website; click here to access it and download free and easily in Excel and CSV formats. Several tools are also available to schools and districts to analyze SGP data.