Data Governance in Hong Kong

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An integral component of a successful data governance program is to define both its vision and business case. Your vision should represent your program’s broad strategic objective; while its business case should serve as the vehicle that helps guide it towards implementation. Both should provide more concrete details of who (roles), technologies, and processes will support its execution.

Your people are key to realizing a return on your data governance investment. A strong governance program needs a variety of roles that span both business and IT functions. The ideal individuals to fill these positions include both experienced business analysts as stewards as well as senior IT and data architects who can act as bridges between these functions.

Personal data may be collected from public domain sources if it does not infringe upon an individual’s personal privacy, however just because personal information is available publicly does not indicate that they have given blanket consent for its use for any purpose whatsoever. Under PDPO laws, data must only be collected lawfully and fairly under all circumstances of each case, and cannot be used beyond its original intent without authorization from its subject person.

The most economical and practical option is purchasing a prepaid SIM card for Hong Kong or mainland China from one of the local operators, such as 3HK or China Mobile, from 3Shops or other outlets and costing only HK$38 with 8 GB worth of roaming data for one year of usage (this can be activated by dialing *101*420#). Unfortunately this SIM only supports roaming data without support for tethering or P2P, however this remains an effective means to bypass China’s Great Firewall!