How to Win the Singapore Prize

The Harvard Prize Book (Singapore) honours those who go beyond expectations in performing acts of kindness for others over an extended period, inspiring others to do the same. Along with monetary awards, recipients receive a trophy at the award ceremony – this annual prize has been distributed since 2021 and is open to members of Harvard community in Singapore.

The Harvard Prize Book has in the past recognized people from different walks of life for their contributions to society. Its inaugural winner in 2021 was a young boy diagnosed with cancer who inspired his classmates to raise funds in his name, while other recipients include social workers, medical practitioners, and even an educator who encouraged her students to discover and develop their potential and pursue their passions. It serves as a valuable resource for both alumni and students of Harvard in Singapore.

Wining a prize not only means receiving financial benefits, but can open doors to travel to new places as well. But remember this should only be used occasionally as it could quickly lead to debt which can negatively impact both physical and mental health.

Be wary if you play the lottery as being careless could lead to you shedding more cash than what was won! Know the rules of the lottery and how prizes are distributed before making your decisions; finding information online may be useful, but always be wary about which sources offer authentic data.

There are various approaches to playing the lottery, so it is advisable to carefully explore all of your choices prior to committing. Furthermore, contact the lottery operator for more details.

Prince William visited Singapore in 2022 to promote his Earthshot Prize, which seeks innovations that mitigate climate change. To commemorate his visit he visited the new 40-metre Rain Vortex which was illuminated green to mark his arrival and saw a tree planted in his honor at its base indoor garden – wearing an Alexander McQueen dark green blazer to complement this eco-conscious theme.

When winning a prize, it’s essential that you remember you must pay tax. Failure to do so could result in fines of up to $2,500; so to prevent this happening again you should keep receipts of winnings and file by the due date; failing which, you may be granted permission to make up an abridged filing by paying a composition amount instead – either at any Post Office outlet or sending crossed cheque payable to “Commissioner of Gambling Duties”, with your name and tax reference number clearly written on its reverse side.