Singapore Pools Review

Since 1968, Singapore Pools has been one of the most respected and valued companies in Singapore. Committed to upholding a set of core values – respect, integrity, innovation, customer care and community – all products and services of Singapore Pools aim to reflect these ideals; additionally they work toward providing safe environments for its players.

As soon as Singapore became independent, its gambling scene was chaotic and risky. Triads and illegal bookmakers controlled much of the market and caused considerable difficulty for those wanting to gamble. The government responded to this threat by legalising gambling and creating Singapore Pools; an attempt at regulation.

Singapore Pools (SP) is an organisation offering responsible gaming, sports betting, and lotteries to the public. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore Tote Board which falls under the Ministry of Finance, SP is overseen by Singapore National Gambling Authority for operations. Over its 2019/20 financial year collection period SP collected close to S$9 billion revenue which 70% was returned back to lottery winners while 22% went toward taxes revenue while 5% went directly back into charitable grants from Tote Board.

Singapore Lotteries’ history is inextricably tied to that of Singapore itself, playing an instrumental role in shaping its culture, society and economy over the decades. Over time its roster of games has expanded, including Toto – an initial six-out-of-49 state lottery game created in 1968; Singapore Sweep (a monthly seven-digit sweepstake held every month); and 4D (4 digit game first released in 1986) round out their product offering.

Singapore pools provides an impressive selection of online and mobile games, as well as multiple deposit and withdrawal methods – including bank transfers, credit cards, e-wallets and others – and customers can use its website to track their balance and transaction history.

Singapore Pools Customer Support can be reached in many ways if you have any inquiries or issues; you can do this via email, telephone, and via their team of friendly agents who will gladly assist you.

Singapore Pools online sportsbook provides an excellent option for those who wish to wager on their favorite teams and events – including football, motor racing, horse racing and many others! Their betting markets range from football through motor racing and horse racing and more! Additionally, the site offers live betting that allows users to place bets during events. Furthermore, its outstanding odds system displays bets in decimals while there are numerous bet types that you can select such as win/place/handicap total goals and more. Odds are conveniently displayed in multiple languages, making it easier for bettors to locate those which meet their preferences. Furthermore, the website features an intuitive and user-friendly design. Compatible with most devices and accessible from any location worldwide – bettors have instantaneous access to bet365!