Tech Data HK Signs PDPO Agreement With China

Data hk is a premier technology distribution and value-add services provider, helping channel partners solve problems caused by existing technologies in order to maximize business outcomes. They provide products and services like network automation, artificial intelligence and software-defined networking that enable businesses to make informed decisions regarding technology adoption as well as reduce costs while improving security, performance and availability in their networks.

Tech Data HK acts as an intermediary between mainland China and the global technology ecosystem, helping enterprises find solutions best suited to their needs. This includes providing cutting-edge technologies like Allied Telesis’ Network AI software advancements. Network AI provides a scalable networking management platform capable of managing complex infrastructure efficiently and intelligently allowing enterprises to focus their energies on innovation while offering superior customer experiences.

PDPO defines personal information as any information that can be used to directly or indirectly identify an individual, no matter in what form it is stored. It covers an extensive range of information such as names, addresses, telephone numbers and other contact details of individuals as well as data pertaining to legal entities like companies and trusts. Data exporters must take additional measures if the level of protection in foreign jurisdiction falls short of Hong Kong standards; such measures could include encryption, anonymisation or pseudonymisation technologies as well as contractual provisions mandating audit, beach notification beach notification compliance support or cooperation provisions requiring audit, beach notification compliance support or cooperation measures.

Hong Kong’s data hub role should be strengthened through this agreement, enabling it to bypass China’s Great Firewall more easily and connect to the rest of the world more seamlessly. Furthermore, this boost should assist Hong Kong’s data centre market – expected to see expansion of over 6 million sq ft by 2028 – which may help offset slowing mainland investment due to increasing cybersecurity concerns and restrictions on cross-border data transfers.

This new agreement between the local government and Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) was finalized in June and seeks to increase data flows between both regions, enabling both sides to maximize their respective strengths within Greater Bay Area Initiative. As soon as implemented, this agreement could bring benefits to key sectors including banking and healthcare. Hailed as a major breakthrough and achievement after years of negotiations between both sides, Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying described it as an “important milestone”. He noted that this deal will strike a balance between cybersecurity needs and cross-border exchanges, with both parties now working collaboratively on an action plan within months and exploring whether making data transfers easier between Hong Kong and the mainland could make transfers simpler for companies in both directions. He added that previously sending sensitive financial sector data, for instance, to China had proven challenging.