Day: May 8, 2024

Sydney Pools – The Best Places to Cool Off

sidney pools

Sydney pools provide the ideal way to unwind, swim laps, and unwind – while also giving family and friends the opportunity to gather outside while having fun together. However, owning a pool comes with its own set of responsibilities such as following all safety regulations set out for this activity.

As an example, you should select plants that can withstand water splashes and rough play without becoming hazards, while avoiding irritating or toxic species. Furthermore, choose species resistant to salt water chlorination and chemicals used to maintain pool hygiene; and ensure your garden can withstand the climate in Sydney.

New South Wales boasts an exceptional pool culture. Its wild coastline exposes swimmers to strong waves, so ocean pools were created as protection from strong currents and waves. Many were constructed during the 19th century and still offer their services today.

Some iconic Sydney pools are being restored after years of neglect and wear, such as Coogee’s Instagrammable Bondi Icebergs; others, like Coogee’s unfailingly Instagrammed Bondi Icebergs are currently undergoing major renovations to improve accessibility and safety. Sydney suburbs also host various ocean swimming holes including McIver’s Ladies Baths–the only female-only pool in southern hemisphere–to clifftop pools where Olympic swimmer Evelyn Whillier trained before competing at Berlin 1936 Berlin Games.

Whilst many Sydney residents welcome the return of Sydney pools, some residents are unhappy about how these beloved local beaches are being developed. Mired in council infighting, claims of pork-barrelling and lack of transparency; heritage concerns; heritage preservation requirements and criticism from health organisations – MacCallum Pool in Cremorne stands as an exemplar example of how not to undertake infrastructure projects.

In the North, Jingga and Minerva pools offer serene swimming experiences in scenic rocky cliff settings – offering an ideal alternative to more busy Bondi Beach.

At Coogee, Henry Wylie – an outstanding long distance swimmer – established Wylie’s Baths in 1907. This tidal pool offers scenic views of Wedding Cake Island from its raised deck built into the cliffsides.

Karloo Creek is another hidden treasure, its crystal clear waters glimmering with abalone shell iridescence. However, to get this one all to yourself you may have to work harder as it’s a popular swimming spot especially on weekends and summer months. If that doesn’t work then head upstream where there are several bush pools hidden among trees lining the creek – these feature breathtakingly natural beauty hard to replicate artificially.